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Myopia Management

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Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is a prevalent eye condition affecting millions worldwide. In the United States, approximately 40 percent of the population experiences nearsightedness, with global estimates surpassing a billion individuals. With factors like age, decreased outdoor time, and prolonged screen exposure, projections suggest that nearly 5 billion people could be affected by myopia by 2050.

Myopia Control at Houston Eye

Recognizing Myopia Symptoms

Myopia manifests as clear vision for nearby objects but blurriness for distant ones. Particularly concerning in children, myopia can hinder learning and progress rapidly. Early intervention is crucial to slow its advancement and mitigate potential complications in later life.

Understanding Myopia Causes

Myopia results from the elongation of the eye's shape, distorting images projected onto the retina and causing blurred vision. While genetic predisposition plays a role, evidence highlights prolonged indoor activities and focusing on nearby objects as contributing factors. These behaviors can accelerate myopia progression, underlining the importance of proactive management strategies.


Welcome to the Houston Eye Associates Myopia Management Clinic

Although complete prevention of myopia isn't currently possible, modern treatment options offer improved outcomes. Slowing down myopia progression is vital for several reasons:

  • It may prevent the development of sight-threatening ocular conditions later in life.

  • Patients can achieve better uncorrected vision.

  • It enhances the likelihood of eligibility for refractive surgery.

At Houston Eye Associates, we are dedicated to offering specialized care for effective myopia management. We cater to individuals who:

  • Experience early onset myopia, particularly during childhood or school years.

  • Notice worsening myopia over time.

  • Have severe myopia requiring high correction.

  • Have a family history of moderate to severe myopia, as genetic factors can influence its development.

If you aren’t sure whether you fall into one of these categories, finding the answer is easy. Simply consult with our experienced and trusted Houston eye doctors to find out through the course of a regular eye examination. 

If you meet the criteria for treatment within our myopia management clinic, what can you expect?



What to Expect and What Does the Myopia Management Clinic Do?

While myopia doesn't have a permanent cure, our clinic provides innovative treatments to manage or slow its progression. Some of our cutting-edge therapies include:

    • Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) or corneal reshaping therapy: These custom-designed lenses, worn during sleep, gently reshape the cornea overnight, providing clear vision without the need for glasses or daytime contacts.
    • Atropine treatments: These medical interventions, used alongside regular glasses or contacts, relax the eyes and slow myopia progression.
    • Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses or Glasses: a wide range of advanced multifocal designs tailored for optimal performance.
    • CooperVision MiSight® 1 Day contact lenses: FDA-approved and proven to slow myopia in children, making lifelong management more feasible and facilitating simpler classroom learning.

By leveraging these effective treatments, the Houston Eye Associates' Myopia Management Clinic aims to enhance the quality of life and vision clarity for all patients. If you or your child struggles with nearsightedness, we're here to help.


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Our Commitment

At Houston Eye Associates, we are committed to providing exceptional care and innovative solutions for your vision needs.


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