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Houston Eye Associates offers prescription sunglasses with many designer brands to choose from. We can fit your prescription lenses into a desired pair of designer sunglasses which will help to reduce the intense glare on a sunny day. Prescription sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while allowing you to have visual correction. We carry a wide array of sunglasses for men, women, and children.

With a pair of sunglasses, you can free yourself from vision impairment on sunny days; no longer needing to switch from your prescription glasses to regular sunglasses, our optometrists will help get you into a great pair of sunglasses with your prescription so that you can have clear vision, protection, and style in the sun all at the same time.

High Fashion Sunglasses TX
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Polarized lenses are designed to reduce the intense glare from UV rays on sunny days. We are pleased to offer polarized sunglasses in a variety of tints to fit your prescription needs. Polarized lenses are a stylish favorite for sportsmen and individuals who work outdoors.

Photochromatic lenses for indoor and outdoor use are available as well. This lens style is a responsive lens which tansitions from a fully clear lens indoors to a darker lens outdoors. Using a photochromic technology, the lens reacts to UV light in bright sun, partial sun, and cloudy environments.



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