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Patient Reviews

Houston Eye Associates Patients See the Difference!

Don't take our word for it, check out the testimonials below!

I was tired of wearing glasses, so I researched LASIK. Sure, I was nervous, but my family has always trusted Houston Eye Associates.

Tiffany T. 
LASIK Patient

I could not see small print and I had a hard time driving at night. Without a doubt Houston Eye Associates was the best choice!

Nancy H. 
Cataract Patient

Thankfully our pediatrician recommending Houston Eye Associates. We can really see the difference!

Jamie E.
Parent of Pediatric Patient

Thankfully the optomestrist at Houston Eye Associates found my glaucoma before it got any worse.

Leo D.
Glaucoma Patient

I rely on my eyes each and every day, but recently my vision had gotten blurry. My doctor and my friends had recommended Houston Eye Associates.

Megan H.
Retina Patient