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RGP and Scleral Contact Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable (or hard) lenses are used in various applications but are often utilized when soft contact lenses are not recommended. There are several reasons why hard contact lenses might be recommended, including limited availability of the patient's prescription, surgical history, better vision potential, and patient preference. There are many lenses available in the RGP arena, and each variety requires a different fitting approach. If you have any questions about appointments for hard contact lenses, please call 713-668-6828. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Applying your GP Contact Lenses

With your right lens on your right index finger, ensure your GP lens is clean and defects-free.

Place several drops of wetting solution into the bowl of the lens. Never use tap water or saliva!

Use both hands to hold your upper and lower eyelids. Keep both eyes open, looking straight ahead.

Gently place the lens onto the center of the colored part of your eye, then release your eyelids.


GP Lens Centering

If your lens moves off-center and needs to be re-aligned on your eye:

  • Locate your contact lens by looking in the mirror or feel for the outline of the lens through your closed eyelid.
  • Look in the opposite direction. For example, if the lens is under your upper eyelid, look down.
  • Use your fingertips to place the edge of your eyelid next to the edge of the lens and nudge it back into position as you shift your gaze toward the lens.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Applying your Scleral Lenses

Always wash hands with mild soap and dry well with a lint-free towel before handling lenses.


Place the lens on the Inserter OR stabilize the lens on three fingers by pinching together your thumb, index and middle fingers to support the lens.

Fill the bowl of the lens with preservative-free saline. We recommend using preservative-free solutions with scleral lenses.

Lean forward and look down at the floor. Your face should be parallel to the floor.

Sometimes it’s helpful to place a mirror flat on the counter to look into as you insert the lens.

With the finger of one hand, hold the upper lid by placing one finger on the base of the lashes and pin the lid to the brow bone.

Using the opposite hand, with your palm facing up, pull the lower lid down with a free finger, holding the eye wide open.

Gently place the lens on the eye by sliding the lens inside your lower eyelid and applying it directly to your eye. If using an inserter, remove the inserter from the lens by squeezing it.



Application Tips

Tip 1. To avoid bubbles, fill the lens bowl up completely with saline. Bubbles may make the lens uncomfortable and produce irregular vision.

Tip 2. To avoid spilling saline solution, center the contact lens in the middle of the inserter, or the middle of your three fingers if using the tripod finger method.

TIP 3. Keep both eyes open to help with lens insertion.

TIP 4. Lid control is important. Release the eyelid when the lens is fully in place and the inserter is out of the eye.


Removing your Scleral Lenses:

Always wash hands with mild soap and dry well with a lint-free towel before handling lenses.

Wet the remover with sterile saline.

Hold lower lid down, position remover at a 45° angle.
Place remover on the lower 1/3 of the scleral lens.

Apply slight pressure to the inserter. Inserter should stick to the lens.
Lift lens away from eye with a slight upward motion.

Remove lens from remover with a slight twisting motion.


Removal Tips

TIP 1. It’s easier to remove the lens if you are sitting down.

TIP 2. Remove lens from the bottom of the lens, not the center.

TIP 3. When removing the lens from the tool, use a slight twisting motion instead of pulling the lens straight off.

Specialty Contact Lens Map

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