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Tired of Messing with Contacts? Can’t Wait to Throw Away Your Glasses?

Even though your contact lenses may feel fine and you are not experiencing vision problems, there are potential problems that can develop any time a contact lens is worn. An annual eye exam with a contact lens assessment is the best way to identify potential problems. Our locations have trial contact lenses readily available so you can be fit for contacts the same day of your annual eye exam. During this time the doctor can evaluate any changes in visual demand or prescription and issue a new prescription. Contact lens prescriptions expire after one year (in accordance with state law) to ensure you see your best and your eyes look their best. If you are a new patient we would love to know what brand you are currently wearing. Bringing a photo of the boxes or the blister packages to your exam will help us see if that contact lens is still the best one for you. Click here to schedule a contact lens evaluation at any of our many Houston area locations.

Please note that your contact lens evaluation and fitting fee will be determined by the doctor during your visit. The fitting fee will cover your care for 60 days from the original fitting date. The fitting fee is a service rendered and is non-refundable. Some vision plans have coverage for contact lens related services.

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