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Houston Eye Associates offers a variety of designer brand frames for your individualized lenses. Our optometrists are especially trained to assist you in choosing the best fitting frame that is both flattering and fits your lifestyle. We can help you make the right choice on the basis of your unique face shape, skin tone, and prescription. Offering a quality line of frames for both adults and children, we can assure you that Houston Eye Associates will provide top quality service along with supreme lens options.

Our opticians will help you determine which type of lens will best suit your optical needs. There are various lens options to choose from depending on your visual needs. Available lens options include single vision, bi-focal, tri-focal, and progressive. See below to view which lens best suits your vision needs.


Lens Types

Single Vision: Single vision lenses have the same optical focal point or correction over the entire area of the lens.

Bi-Focal: Bifocal lenses usually have a straight visible line that defines separation of the lens. The top area is for distance vision and the bottom area is reserved for reading. Bi-focal lens serve as a great vision solution for those individuals with presbyopia.

Tri-Focal: The trifocal has three separate areas within the lens. Each area is meant for different focal distances such as, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and intermediate viewing.

Progressive: Progressive lenses are very similar to tri-focal lenses. However, with progressive lenses, there is a smoother transition within the whole lenses from distance viewing to near vision. The smoother transition eliminates the segmented lines which allows for clear vision at all distances.

Essilor and Shamir Portfolio

Essilor® Varilux® XR series™
Essilor® Crizal®
Essilor® Eyezen®
Shamir Autograph Intelligence™
Shamir Autograph III™
Shamir Autograph® II+
Shamir Spectrum+™
Shamir Computer™ and Workspace™




We live on the go, hyper connected. With more than 100,000 movements per day our eyes need to do extra efforts to maintain sharpness while we are in motion.

Introducing Varilux® XR series™, the first eye-responsive progressive lens that provides instant sharpness even in motion.

Varilux® XR series™ is the first eye-responsive progressive lens powered by behavioral artificial intelligence.



More than 1 million data points from exclusive research, wearer tests in real-life, wearer behavioral and postural measurements in-store were computed and analyzed.

Therefore, for every single wearer prescription, the visual behavior profile is predicted to design a progressive lens that respects the natural eye movements.



The XR-motion technology allows the optimization of both lenses according to the visual behavior profile of the patient through two major optimizations:

- Taking binocular vision to the next level

- Precise positioning of the focus zones


A new criterion, named volume of broadband vision, calculates the 3D area where the wearer can benefit from highly sharp vision on any visual target, even while moving, with a seamless ocular navigation between 30cm and infinity.



Offering up to +25% extended near vision zone according to the patient's need vs Varilux® XR design, for long-lasting comfort in close-up vision.

Varilux® XR track utilizes Essilor's Eye-Ruler™ 2 measurement device to provide patients with a unique and customized experience for the most personalized vision.





Crizal's premium generation of coating, Crizal® Sapphire™ HR – The Best Anti-Reflective Coating Overall and Crizal® EasyPro and Crizal® Easy™ to complete the Crizal portfolio.

Crizal Sapphire HR is the latest generation of anti-reflective coating that combines our innovative technologies into one coating to deliver best in class performance. Your main concerns of anti-glare, scratch resistance, and easiness to clean are all covered!

Crizal Stairstep - Updated 2023 w BVL Language Update



Essilor® Eyezen® lenses reduce visual fatigue from digital screens and filter blue-violet light. enhances single vision lenses, to give everyday solutions for sharper vision and relaxed eyes. Don’t compromise when it comes to your vision.



For the first time in a single vision lens, Eyezen® Start uses two optimization points to provide the correct prescription over a greater portion of the lens surface, which helps reduce digital eye strain and visual fatigue.



Eyezen®+ lenses feature an accommodative boost at the bottom of the lens to reduce digital eye strain caused by frequently switching between digital devices throughout the day.



Eyezen® Kids lenses are uniquely designed for how children see the world, with a larger area of optimization compared to standard single vision lenses to provide a better all-around visual experience.



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The Artificial Intelligence-Driven Lens of the Future Made Available Today


The first progressive lens of its kind optimally tailored to individual eyeglass wearers’ needs and visual age (the physiological age of one’s eyes) via AI (Artificial Intelligence). Shamir Autograph Intelligence achieves this highest precision match via extensive research of consumer preferences and age-specific use of different vision zones, and implementation of innovative Big Data- and AI-assisted lens design.


Autograph Intelligence overcomes the limitations of traditional progressive lenses, which feature identical concepts for all ages and addition powers, with the most precisely personalized lens designs. It utilizes the power of AI to deliver twelve unique and innovative progressive lens concepts, each carefully tailored to the needs of specific visual ages and zone usage profiles.


Ask us today how innovations like Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ will allow you to enjoy the most optimal visual experience with any frame of choice. With many optical shop locations in the Greater Houston area and surrounding cities, there is a location near you.

Autograph Intelligence - Consumer Flyer-1

A Premium Progressive Lens Offering Optimal Personalized Visual Experience Across All Zones


A premium progressive lens developed on the basis of precise measurement of individual prescriptions and simulation of perceived, real-world viewing fields, to deliver clear vision, with seamless gradation across all vision zones. 


Autograph III delivers wide, distortion-free viewing fields, completely standardized for both hyperopic (farsighted) and myopic (nearsighted) eyeglass wearers. It implements precise power profile control, with specific power emphasis at different points and vision zones across the entire lens surface and enables optimal adaptation to prescriptions and choices of frame.


Autograph III additionally accommodates the most natural and ergonomic viewing postures, helping to reduce the need to tilt one’s head forward or back, or lower or raise objects to achieve convenient viewing. It even addresses the near and intermediate vision zone requirements of modern lifestyle activities, such as the use of digital devices.

Autograph III - Consumer Flyer-1


Tailored for Your Everyday


Shamir Autograph® II+ provides patients with more comfort both ergonomically and visually for everyday needs. These back-surfaced, digital Freeform® lenses can be personalized for your patients thanks to four of Shamir’s advanced technologies: EyePoint Technology®, As-Worn Technology™, Natural Posture™, and Close-Up™.


Autograph® II+ provides wider fields of view and is designed to be more ergonomically comfortable while reading, working, and doing other various everyday tasks.


Most lens designs are “universally optimized” for near viewing, with an average inset value, which is fine in most cases. However, when it comes to any irregularities, near vision may be unfocused or narrow. With Autograph® II+ the near viewing zone is dynamically located within the lens corridor, taking into account the Rx sphere value - plus or minus, and giving constant, clear focus. It also reduces the need to tilt the head forwards or backwards or alternatively to lower or raise a book when reading to find the right viewing distance and angle.

Autograph II+ Consumer Flyer-1


A Powerful Progressive Reading Lens


A progressive lens that delivers sharp and comfortable visual experience, with broad near reading zones, and strong personalization to customers’ individual reading posture.


Shamir Spectrum+ is an ergonomic everyday lens that delivers improved visual experience in both near and far vision zones. It features Shamir’s unique Natural Posture technology, which helps overcome traditional progressive lens limitations to accommodate eyeglass wearers’ most natural viewing posture. 


The technology effectively reduces the need to 
tilt one’s head forward or back, or lower or raise objects to achieve convenient viewing, all while optimally accounting for positive or negative power adjustments.

Spectrum + Consumer Flyer-1


Lenses Providing Optimal Visual Experience in Desktop Computing and Workspace Environments


Lenses designed to significantly improve visual clarity and comfort in the 5 ft - 10ft range.


Shamir Computer and Workspace lenses feature power profiles uniquely optimized for near vision zones. Suitable for small, closed off workspaces, Shamir Computer provides visual clarity and comfort in the 5 feet range typically required for convenient reading and computer usage. 


Shamir Workspace offers similar functionality, while extending visual reach for larger offices and open spaces and delivering visual comfort at even greater distances ranging up to 10 feet. Both lenses accommodate the most natural and ergonomic viewing postures, helping to reduce the need to tilt one’s head forward or back, or lower or raise objects to achieve convenient viewing.

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