DSAEK – Is a situation where you have an issue with the outer surface or cornea part of your eye.

The cornea can be damaged through disease or eye injury. When damage is severe, vision can even be obstructed making it difficult for light to properly pass through and meet the retina. HEA has various surgical options with cornea problems to correct your exact cornea problem. An Ophthalmologist can replace the damaged cornea with a clear donor’s cornea. This is the way most corneal problems are resolved.

How can DSAEK Help You?

DSAEK is a new method of performing corneal transplants on patients whose corneas begin to cloud overdue to endothelial dysfunction. The layer of cells that pump fluid from the back surface of the cornea inside the eye where the endothelium is located keeps the tissue clear. If the pump cells are not working properly the cornea swells and become cloudy. An inherited disease called Fuchs’ dystrophy is the most common cause of endothelial dysfunction. In the DSAEK procedure, the full thickness cornea is not replaced and instead only the diseased pump cells are transplanted.