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Sport Eye Exams

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Are you an Athlete? Sports vision exams can help athletes of all ages improve their game.

Sports eye exams and visual training can help athletes improve focusing abilities, ball tracking abilities, watching plays downfield as well as hand-eye coordination. At Houston Eye Associates we have specially trained optometrists that work with athletes through examination, training, and wearing the appropriate sports glasses as necessary.

There are many professional athletes in sports like baseball, basketball, football, and tennis that require visual attention. A sports vision exam at Houston Eye Associates starts by performing a comprehensive eye examination which will evaluate eye movements, eye focusing flexibility and range, as well as eye teaming flexibility and range. Visual-motor integration reaction times and strategies are also assessed.  Our experienced team will then determine a sports vision training program and/or aids such as sports glasses or contact lenses that would benefit the athlete.


What Happens at a Sports Vision Exam?

  • Visual Acuity/Contrast Sensitivity testing
  • Eye Movement Skills
  • Eye Focusing
  • Depth Perception
  • Eye-Hand-Body Coordination
  • Peripheral Awareness
  • Visual Memory
  • Visual Reaction Time

What Types of Sports Vision Training are Available?

  • Visual/spatial perception
  • Gross/fine motor coordination
  • Balance/equilibrium
  • Speed of visual/motor response

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