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Pearland Ophthalmologists & Optometrists | Houston Eye Doctors

At Houston Eye Associates - Pearland, our team of ophthalmologists and optometrists provide the highest quality care for patients of all ages. Not only do we provide routine and comprehensive eye exams, which allow us to thoroughly evaluate and diagnose eye conditions and disorders, but we also offer ophthalmology solutions for cornea and external disease, cataract surgery, refractive/LASIK surgery, pediatric strabismus surgery, and adult strabismus surgery. Our eye doctors near you are dedicated to the individualized care of each patient and are deeply motivated to go above and beyond to provide the best eye care services in Pearland, Texas. Our team of eye doctors at Houston Eye Associates - Pearland have the expertise needed to provide our community with dependable eye care. Our team of certified eye doctors include: Jara Crear, M.D., Becky J. Fredrickson, M.D., Ravi Shah, M.D., and Milete Klinkerman, O.D. are available every weekday to help patients improve their vision. Our four Pearland eye doctors have a wide range of experience in specialized eye care, from general ophthalmology to refractive/LASIK and cataract surgeries, as well as everything in-between. Whether you are an established or new patient, our eye doctors are dedicated to providing the best eye care in Pearland, Texas. Schedule an appointment today! We look forward to helping you achieve clear and healthy vision for years to come.