Woman Smiling After Plastic Surgery Oculoplastics is a plastic surgery specialized to the areas around the eye. These areas include the eyelids, the bones behind the eye (including the eyebrow and cheeks), and the tear drainage system. Oculoplastic surgery is comprised of combining the microsurgery of ophthalmology and the aesthetic and reconstructive aspects of plastic surgery.

Common Surgeries Include:

Eyelid Surgery

  • Tumor and growth removal
  • Eyelift surgery to remove excess skin
  • Ptosis for droopy eye

Orbital Surgery

  • Evaluation and surgery of orbital tumors (tumors around and behind the eye)
  • Orbital Fractures
  • Removal of eye tissue in preparation for an ocular prosthesis (artificial eye)

Tear Duct Surgery

  • Blocked tear duct

Oculoplastics Physicians & Surgeons