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Request Your Medical Records

All Houston Eye Associates’ patients can now request their complete health records through HealthMark Group. HealthMark is our partner in providing fast, secure, and accurate copies of medical records to patients.

Who is HealthMark Group?

HealthMark Group is a third party business associate of Houston Eye Associates that focuses solely on releasing complete HEA medical records in accordance with regulatory requirements.

How can I request copies of my medical records?

Medical records requests can be sent to Houston Eye Associates via email, mail, fax or walk-in.

PLEASE NOTE: All medical records requests will receive a response within 5 business days after the request is submitted.

About the Medical Records Release Form

The Medical Records Release form allows you to request a copy of the health records for yourself, or for a person(s) whom you have the legal authority to make such a request.

The Medical Records Release form can be found in both English and Spanish, here. For additional languages, please call Houston Eye Associates at (713) 668-6828 ext. 2112.

PLEASE NOTE: To receive your health records in a timely manner, please ensure that all forms are filled out accurately and completely. Missing or incorrect information could result in a delay.

When can I expect to receive my Medical Records?

All requests will receive a response no later than five (5) business days after the request is submitted. Incomplete or incorrect forms and/or information could result in a delay.

Check the Status of your Medical Records Request

To check the status of a records request, please contact HealthMark directly via phone at (800) 659-4035, or via email

Contact Information

HealthMark Customer Service: (800) 659-4035

HealthMark Check Status (email):

Houston Eye Associates: (713) 668-6828 ext. 2112

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Please call Houston Eye Associates at (713) 668-6828  ext. 2112 for the Authorization to Disclose Health Information form in additional languages.