“I have worn contact lenses since 6th grade. I have severe allergies, so wearing contact lenses was both uncomfortable and inconvenient. I realize that I could have worn glasses, but with my active lifestyle, glasses were always in the way. Being in the eye care field, I knew about refractive correction procedures and decided that LASIK was the best option when performed by a skilled surgeon. Finding Dr. Goosey was the answer to my prayers. I trusted him 100% and knew that he had my best interest at heart. Today I see 20/20 without any correction and I couldn’t be happier.”

– Robin Harris

“Going into my LASIK surgery, I had the goal of functional vision without glasses or contact lenses. I never could have dreamed that my vision was going to be as good as it is now. I can actually see better than 20/20 on the eye chart now, and glasses and contact lenses are just a foggy memory. As an eye care practitioner, I feel that experiencing LASIK myself has been beneficial in allowing me to counsel and educate patients who are thinking about the surgery. I put my trust in Dr. Goosey and his surgical expertise. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is considering laser vision correction.”

– Matthew D. Crookston, O.D.

“I want to let you know how happy I am with my LASIK surgery. After having completed my fellowship under your supervision, I have nothing but admiration for your professionalism and complete confidence in your surgical technique. I am so grateful to have had the procedure done on myself; and, I have quickly become accustomed to the “hassle-free” lifestyle. Having recently moved to Hawaii to start my own career as a refractive surgeon, I feel it is a privilege to be able to offer a procedure to my patients that I trust enough for my own eyes. I am reminded on a daily basis, both in work and leisure, how much having LASIK surgery has simplified my life and blessed me with near perfect vision. P.S. I am still 20/15 O.U.

P.S. I am going to take up windsurfing for the first time in my life.”

– Jennifer L. Murray, M.D.

“I just wanted to write you a letter to thank you for your help in performing my LASIK back over last Labor Day. As an ophthalmologist who performs LASIK himself, it has been an unbelievable experience to actually know from the other side what a change we can make for people by perfecting their vision. As you are well aware, I was terribly near-sighted and could not even walk from the bed to the bathroom without the aid of my spectacles or contact lenses. I cannot begin to tell you all of the things that I can now do that I was unable to do without the surgery, but maybe it would help your patients to know a couple of simple things. Probably the most enjoyable thing I have done in about the last four or five years, is finally to go to the sunglasses counter and buy a pair of “Oakley’s” over the counter, just like everybody else does and wear them without any other correction at all. Just as exciting, was my ski trip this year. As you are well aware, when you wear glasses to ski, your glasses fog up and you do not see well. When you wear your contacts to avoid that, they dry out and it is uncomfortable. This year, with our 10-15 days of skiing, I wore my regular sunglasses when it was sunny and when it was partly cloudy or cloudy, wore nothing at all. I experienced no problems with my vision, no dryness, no discomfort and no light sensitivity at all. There are too many examples to start listing them all, but I can tell you for sure, it has not only made my normal life better, but it has made me more understanding as a surgeon and made me more able to serve my patients well. If any of your patients have any desire to speak to me regarding the procedure, or anything about it, I would be happy to talk with them anytime. I, obviously, recommend it without any reservation. Thanks again.”

– Mark E. Allison, M.D.

“Dr. Goosey is my personal ophthalmologist and the one I recommend to my patients with a great deal of confidence. His LASIK surgery on my right eye resulted in 20/15 distance vision; my improved vision has enhanced my professional abilities. I can see the facial expressions of my patients much more clearly now. It has also significantly improved my quality of life in many other areas. Dr. Goosey’s care, concern and capacity to communicate complement his surgical skill.”

– Charles B. Covert, M.D.

“I had been wearing glasses since age 14 and was quite near-sighted prior to having the LASIK procedure. I am an ophthalmologist and carefully studied the procedure and various surgeons before selecting Dr. John Goosey. The procedure was very successful, painless and I had a very fast recovery. LASIK has dramatically improved my lifestyle and I am very pleased. I am now able to shave, play sports and even operate without correction. Dr. John Goosey is focused on direct patient care and I have no reservation about sending him patients for this same procedure. The best thing of all is now I have done away with the nuisance of glasses and contact lenses.”

– Marc N. Longo, M.D.

“As a specialist in Gastroenterology, I make my living with my eyesight. In the medical profession, I am in a position to know who is truly good and who is just hype in ophthalmologic surgery. When I chose to have corrective refractive surgery the choice was clear. I recommend Dr. John D. Goosey to all my patients and colleagues who inquire about the LASIK procedure. The results speak for themselves. Dr. Goosey is the choice of other physicians.”

– Lindy T. Rachal, M.D.

“I had worn glasses since I was 6 years old. Tears welled up in my eyes because immediately after surgery, I could see the clock on the wall without my contacts. I couldn’t believe it. This is a Heaven-sent miracle. I wish everyone could have this done. You are a wonderful organization. Thank you for being right there for me. I’m thrilled!”

-T. Lampley

“Next to the money spent on my college education, this is the best money I’ve ever spent on myself.”

“I had a little apprehension about having eye surgery. Coming out of surgery, I had a lump in my throat because I could actually recognize people, I mean really see their faces, without wearing my contacts. The discomfort was minimal – kinda like being in the swimming pool too long. This is a miracle. The doctors really gave me a gift, the ability to see without my contacts.”

– L. Panozzo

“I had my right eye operated on first. After two days, I was out jogging and heard a plane and for the first time in my life I could look up and see it without my contact. With my left eye, I couldn’t see more than a few feet, but with my right eye – WOW, what a difference!”

– M. Karing

“I could see the clock at the foot of my bed the first night after surgery. I didn’t even have to put my glasses on to find my way down the hall in the middle of the night. It’s a miracle. Thank you!”

– B. Long

“Blind as a bat!!! That was me since 3rd grade!! I couldn’t recognize faces across the room. I couldn’t see the t.v. even six feet away from the screen. I certainly couldn’t drive a car without glasses. I felt so self-conscious with my unfashionable glasses. I was relieved when contacts became available. However, after year of wearing contacts, my eyes became very sensitive, dry, and irritated after only a few hours of wearing my contacts. I became so distraught over the thought of having to go back to glasses for my vision correction. My cousin who is an M.D. in Colorado suggested I look into LASIK. I asked around Houston for a well-respected and highly experienced, LASIK doctor. Dr. Quayle’s name was repeated over and over. I called for a consultation appointment. Dr. Quayle and his staff were so reassuring, so thorough, and so professional in explaining the entire procedure, alleviating my concerns, and answering my questions. I remember asking “why it won’t hurt” because I had gotten debris in my eyes before and remembered all too well the pain and agony from that. Their responses completely allayed my fears. I was ready to commit to the surgery, and even excited about the decision I had made!

During the surgery, Dr. Quayle “talked me through every step of the way”. I was totally apprised of every sensation I could expect (red light, beep, etc.) The surgery was 100% painless; it was so very quick; and there was not a moment of discomfort. Four hours after surgery, I removed the coverings from my eyes…and I could see a whole new world!! It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced!! I still remember watching t.v. the first night and feeling total disbelief that I could see without glasses or contacts. The next day I drove 1 hours back to Houston for my post-surgical visit WITHOUT GLASSES OR CONTACTS!!! You simply can’t imagine that feeling!!

Since my “LASIK miracle,” both my daughter and my husband have had LASIK surgery. Suffice it to say, they are as happy as I am.

Friends ask, “Is there anything you regret about your LASIK surgery?” Truthfully, I must admit I have one regret…I regret that I did not have this surgery done MUCH EARLIER!!!! The sense of vision freedom I now have is inexplicable!! Life has never been as free or clear!!! I am deeply indebted to Dr. Quayle and his wonderful staff!! They have given me a whole new lease on life!!!”

– Dawn Acklam
College Station , Texas

“For as long as I could remember, I was unable to even see the “Big E” on the vision test without glasses. When I started wearing contacts at age 13, I gained so much confidence in sports and social situations, that I felt like a better person – more involved in life. After 15 years of wearing contacts, I started having trouble. My eyes were sensitive, and I often could not wear my contacts. I knew about LASIK and knew people who had success with it, but I was determined to wait to be sure there were no long-term problems from LASIK. This year, I came to Dr. Quayle after hearing enough glorious recommendations from other doctors, patients, and friends. I was not convinced before seeing him that I was ready for LASIK. However, after meeting him, having my concerns addressed fully, and meeting his pleasant, supportive staff, I was ready to proceed with the surgery. Dr. Quayle and his staff have a way with people that reaches beyond the science of surgery and touches the hidden fears and concerns of the patient. Now, my vision is wonderful, and I’m excited to see life in a new way, yet again.”

-Scott B. Sharples, MD