William Quayle M.D., F.A.C.S.

William Quayle M.D., F.A.C.S. William H. Quayle, M.D., has been involved in ophthalmic surgery for the past three decades since beginning his ophthalmology practice in 1977. He joined Houston Eye Associates in 1985. HEA is the oldest and largest ophthalmology physician group in the Texas Gulf Coast.

Dr. Quayle was an undergraduate of Yale University where he received a bachelor's degree in Psychology before completing his master's degree in Microbiology at the University of Missouri. Dr. Quayle's medical education includes his M.D. degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, an internship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and his residency at The University of Texas, San Antonio.

As a general surgeon, Dr. Quayle performs cataract, eyelid, glaucoma & LASIK surgery. He was a professor at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and actively participated in fellowship training. He has mentored many ophthalmologists on technique.

When refractive surgery evolved into laser vision correction, Dr. Quayle was at the forefront of this trend. He traveled to Monterrey, Mexico, to treat patients and participate in research. After LASIK laser vision correction was approved by the Federal Drug Administration in 1996, he continued to perform surgery as well as lecture on techniques and technology in LASIK surgery. His surgical and teaching experiences have enhanced his appreciation of the subtle intricacies of LASIK laser vision correction which are reflected in his track record of positive outcomes.

His staff takes great pride in their care and understanding of the needs of their patients. They have been specially trained to assist potential LASIK and surgical patients in their pre-operative evaluations. Dr. Quayle's team is well versed in answering patient questions and complimenting the doctor's high level of care and concern.

If you are interested in LASIK laser vision correction, Dr. Quayle and his staff are willing and able to help you experience the benefits of this exciting and life-changing medical procedure.

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Dr. Quayle performed my Lasik procedure over 2 years ago, and it could not have gone more smoothly. The Laser Center was comfortable, the staff was friendly, the procedure was quick (approximately 10 minutes for both eyes), and the post-op care was easy to follow. I got home, went to sleep, and upon waking up 6 hours later, I was reading the fine print on"The Weather Channel" from across the room. I'm still 20/20 without glasses!

Chris Nevins, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Medical Clinic of Houston

"As an Optometrist, I have many options when it comes to referring patients for surgery. I have had the opportunity to observe and work with many surgeons over the years. When it came time for me to have LASIK myself, there was no doubt that Dr. Quayle would perform my procedure. I have always been impressed with not only his skill, but his meticulous nature. This permeates through the staff at his office as well. I was most impressed (as a patient) with the fact that he approached LASIK not as a commodity, but as a true surgery, as it should be. Many patients come to me, and under the impression that they can have LASIK with a side order of fries and be back to work after lunch. The truth is, there is more to it than that, and Dr. Quayle respects the surgery, and as such, he addresses each case individuallly with care and attention. Many surgeons are concerned with performing as many cases as possible, so the number of complications will appear as a smaller percentage overall. I am proud to be able to refer my patients to Dr. Quayle for their LASIK surgery, because I know they will be getting the most advanced procedure using the latest technology and will receive the highest level of personal care around."

William K. Pope, O.D.
Friendswood, TX

Blind as a bat!!! That was me since 3rd grade!! I couldn't recognize faces across the room. I couldn't see the t.v. even six feet away from the screen. I certainly couldn't drive a car without glasses. I felt so self-conscious with my unfashionable glasses. I was relieved when contacts became available. However, after year of wearing contacts, my eyes became very sensitive, dry, and irritated after only a few hours of wearing my contacts. I became so distraught over the thought of having to go back to glasses for my vision correction. My cousin who is an M.D. in Colorado suggested I look into Lasik. I asked around Houston for a well-respected and highly experienced, Lasik doctor. Dr. Quayle's name was repeated over and over. I called for a consultation appointment. Dr. Quayle and his staff were so reassuring, so thorough, and so professional in explaining the entire procedure, alleviating my concerns, and answering my questions. I remember asking"why it won't hurt" because I had gotten debris in my eyes before and remembered all too well the pain and agony from that. Their responses completely allayed my fears. I was ready to commit to the surgery, and even excited about the decision I had made! During the surgery, Dr. Quayle"talked me through every step of the way." I was totally apprised of every sensation I could expect (red light, beep, etc.) The surgery was 100% painless; it was so very quick; and there was not a moment of discomfort. Four hours after surgery, I removed the coverings from my eyes . .and I could see a whole new world!! It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced!! I still remember watching T.V. the first night and feeling total disbelief that I could see without glasses or contacts. The next day I drove 1 ½ hours back to Houston for my post-surgical visit WITHOUT GLASSES OR CONTACTS!!! You simply can't imagine that feeling!! Since my"Lasik miracle," both my daughter and my husband have had Lasik surgery. Suffice it to say, they are as happy as I am. Friends ask,"Is there anything you regret about your Lasik surgery?" Truthfully, I must admit I have one regret . . . I regret that I did not have this surgery done MUCH EARLIER!!!! The sense of vision freedom I now have is inexplicable!! Life has never been as free or clear!!! I am deeply indebted to Dr. Quayle and his wonderful staff!! They have given me a whole new lease on life!!!

Dawn Acklam
College Station , Texas

"For as long as I could remember, I was unable to even see the"Big E" on the vision test without glasses. When I started wearing contacts at age 13, I gained so much confidence in sports and social situations, that I felt like a better person - more involved in life. After 15 years of wearing contacts, I started having trouble. My eyes were sensitive, and I often could not wear my contacts. I knew about Lasik and knew people who had success with it, but I was determined to wait to be sure there were no long-term problems from Lasik. This year, I came to Dr. Quayle after hearing enough glorious recommendations from other doctors, patients, and friends. I was not convinced before seeing him that I was ready for Lasik. However, after meeting him, having my concerns addressed fully, and meeting his pleasant, supportive staff, I was ready to proceed with the surgery. Dr. Quayle and his staff has a way with people that reaches beyond the science of surgery and touches the hidden fears and concerns of the patient. Now, my vision is wonderful, and I'm excited to see life in a new way, yet again."

Scott B. Sharples, MD