Houston Eye Associates Foundation is grateful to all the generous individuals, corporations and private foundations that support its mission of preserving and restoring sight with comprehensive eye care surgeries, medications and ancillary services for individuals in financial hardship; and supporting education and research initiatives for the benefit of the community.

Physicians from Houston Eye Associates and other medical professionals support the HEA Foundation by donating office and surgical time, and other medical services at no charge.

2013 Successes

  • 213 patients served and 274 surgeries performed
  • $1,316,884 in donated office and surgery time
  • $1,115,538 in donated facility services
  • $137,942 in donated anesthesia
  • $10,065 in donated optical services
  • $165,731 paid in surgery centers, lab/diagnostics cornea tissue and other ancillary needs
  • $6,794 paid in optical needs and ocular prosthetics
  • $29,393 paid in vision-saving medications

2012 Annual Report

To learn more about the Houston Eye Associates Foundation or request financial information, please contact Claudia McCabe at cmccabe@houstoneye.com or visit www.guidestar.org or the Better Business Bureau Charity report.

Support the Houston Eye Associates Foundation with a direct donation.

  •  Donate via Pay Pal (please note - the convenience fee charged by Pay Pal will be deducted from your donated amount)
  • By mailing your gift to: Houston Eye Associates Foundation, 7155 Old Katy Road, Suite N100, Houston, Texas 77024
  • By contacting Claudia McCabe: (713) 558-8740 or heaf@houstoneye.com to make a gift directly.

Your financial support is fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Thank you for your support!

Houston Eye Associates Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization committed to preserving and restoring the sight of those in need.