Custom Lasik Allegretto Wave Eye-Q

The Allegretto Wave is an exciting development in Custom LASIK technology. As one of the newer generation FDA-approved lasers, its technology reduces the chance that patients will see glare or halos, or have difficulty with night vision or night driving, after their LASIK surgery.

What Happens If My Eye Moves During Custom LASIK Surgery?

Not to worry. The Allegretto Wave’s eye tracking technology charts the eye’s movement, allowing the beam to know where your eye is at all times. If your eye moves too quickly or out of the range of the beam, it stops and waits for your eye to come back to where it can continue.

Are There Different Types of WaveFront-Guided LASIK Surgery?

Yes. The Allegretto Wave wavefront-guided LASIK procedure was approved by the FDA for the reduction or elimination of up to +6.00 of hyperopia, up to -16.00 of myopia, and up to 6 diopters of astigmatism. WaveFront Optimized LASIK, on the other hand, is suited more for treating spherocylinder errors without affecting higher order aberrations, especially spherical aberration. All Wavefront-guided LASIK is based on aberrometry measurements and is designed to treat both spherocylinder and higher order aberrations.

At Houston Eye Associates, we choose to use the Allegretto Wave for Custom LASIK. The Allegretto Wave uses wavefront-guided technology, which allows for a detailed map of your eye down to the microscopic level. This helps to preserve as much corneal tissue as possible which results in extremely clear vision. While many LASIK laser vision technologies use wavefront-guided technology, the Allegretto Wave is specifically capable of reading a large optical zone. This is the part of the cornea that is touched by the laser beam. This is important for those with very large pupils and for retaining a high level of night vision. By producing this large optical zone, night vision issues, such as glares and halos are virtually eliminated.

Choosing the LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure That's Right For You

Because of the many differences in technologies and your individual vision correction needs, it's important to discuss all of your options with a qualified ophthalmologist like the LASIK Eye Surgeons at Houston Eye Associates.  Only a LASIK expert can determine whether traditional LASIK, Allegretto Wave LASIK, or the Bladeless IntraLase Method would be right for you. As with all elective eye surgery procedures, you should ask your ophthalmologist for a complete list of the risks and complications associated with LASIK and the IntraLase Method.